General Services Administration (GSA)

GSA Schedules can be easily utilized to gain access to required services. Task Orders may be put in place quickly and efficiently.

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GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) 00CORP

All new GSA work will be performed under the National Technologies Associates, Inc. (NTA) GSA PSS #GS-00F-183CA. See cross-walk below:

Former GSA Single
Schedule Name
Former NTA
GSA Contract Number(s)
New NTA PSS Contract Number
PSS Contract Period
Financial and Business
Solutions (FABS)
GS-23F-0036R GS-00F-183CA 1 July 2015 to
30 June 2020
Mission Oriented Business
Integrated Services (MOBIS)
Professional Engineering
Services (PES)
Logistics Worldwide

Point of Contact

Director of Contracts

Melanie Eberling
703.941.3695 x12