SeaPort Program

The NTA Team provides technical expertise to NAVSEA regarding materials, facilities, equipment, test instrumentation, data collection and analysis hardware and software, training programs, instructional systems and other services, and ensures timely responsiveness to fleet requirements. Our Team also provides engineering, acquisition logistics management, and technical services to support the design, development, acquisition, evaluation, certification and life cycle support of relevant programs, training instructional systems and devices. Additionally, our Team provides support in developing, enhancing, re-systemizing, migrating, and re-hosting information systems. The NTA Team utilizes up-front planning and understanding of technologies, products and service processes, which permits better understanding of risk and how it impacts cost, schedule and performance. Our Team has prepared development and fabrication specifications, performed structural and mass property analyses, prepared safety data packages, designed/prepared Production-Level engineering drawing packages, Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) packages, and Notice of Revisions (NORs). Our Team also supports analysis of operational and maintenance performance data to determine design defects detracting from the equipment or system's capability to perform its intended operational requirements and to meet its maintainability and reliability requirements; recommends corrections or improvements for translation into detailed engineering changes; and with Program Manager concurrence, develops engineering changes and/or alterations to provide required improvements and to correct in-service deficiencies, improve logistic support and produce life cycle cost savings; and reviews engineering changes and/or alterations for their impact on performance, reliability, maintainability, availability, logistic support, safety and life cycle cost.

Points of Contact

Director of Contracts

Melanie Eberling
703.941.3695 x12

Proposal Manager

Brian Jordan
301.863.6512 x187