NTA Quality Assurance Program

NTA recognizes that our continued good reputation and, therefore, our opportunity to receive new Task Orders (TOs), depend substantially on the quality of the work we perform. For this reason, quality management takes a prominent role in our organization. Our corporate motto is “Quality Service is the Building Block of Our Future.” NTA strives to provide our clients with high quality services and products, which has enabled us to flourish. In order to ensure quality and success for all of our contracts, NTA develops a detailed Task Management Plan (TMP) tailored to each effort. This reinforces NTA’s internal quality management procedures and provides a tool to ensure compliance and quality control.

NTA has established a Quality Management System (QMS) that is designed to provide services and products that meet customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements and to continually monitor, measure, and improve our ability to do so consistently in the future. The system consists of an organizational structure supported by the necessary resources with defined responsibilities, policies, processes, and methodologies essential for meeting this objective. NTA’s QMS, which defines our TMP, Quality Assurance (QA) process, and Business Development model, is detailed in our Quality Manual and is ISO 9001:2008 compliant. To provide our customers with additional assurance of our adherence to quality, NTA Lexington Park, which is the headquarters of our Seaport Task Order support, has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard since 2003. NTA goes through a surveillance audit every year, and is re-certified every three years.

Our QMS Manager provides oversight of NTA’s Quality standards. Specifically to ensure: (1) Our processes and procedures are ISO 9001 compliant, are adhered to, and undergo continuous improvement; (2) The program/project management team is giving appropriate attention to the quality of our services and products; and (3) NTA TMPs reflect detailed activities, which will produce predictable quality results. Our QMS Manager has regular interaction with all Program Managers and Executive Leadership to receive program updates, provide quality updates, and discuss lessons learned. These quality reviews validate that the plans are in fact affecting the services we provide daily and the products we are preparing to deliver; and where process improvements are warranted, our QMS Manager coordinates with the Program Managers to verify that process re-engineering is being conducted. Additionally, activities are promoted to improve our internal process documentation and monitor interaction between NTA offices and the programs to identify process weaknesses and initiate resolution.

NTA provides high quality, value oriented products and services, striving to exceed customer requirements while ensuring continual improvement of the system and customer satisfaction through measurable quality objectives. NTA perceives quality service as the building block of our future.